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White Christmas – Bing Crosby

I recorded this late at night with my son asleep so went with a more mellow version 🙂 It’s always struck me as a sad song though so maybe makes sense but excuse the grainy quality as working with a bad camera at the moment :/ I have added an intro and outro too for the first time to test it out and will be releasing the track alone for streaming if anyone is interested 🙂 … Continue readingWhite Christmas – Bing Crosby

Send In The Clowns – Stephen Sondheim

With the recent birthday concert in honor of Stephen Sondheim I wanted to do one of the many pieces penned by the man. I have always enjoyed his work as many in my life know so I couldn’t let this one go. This piece is about the pain and reflection on a relationship that has come to an end, it’s beautiful in its way of finding the meaning in simple ideas to give a full feeling of confusion and sadness. It’s been recreated many times over the years by amazing artists and here is my take. … Continue readingSend In The Clowns – Stephen Sondheim